Book Review: "Lost in the Seven Worlds" by Petronela Ungureanu

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Why do people who actually have good, original ideas don’t take their time to write them properly? I felt like reading something short, so I picked up “Lost in the Seven Worlds” for two reasons: it has good reviews, and it’s written by a Romanian author. I was very curious to see how Petronela Ungureanu imagined her seven worlds and the creatures that inhabit them, because, yes, I was expecting to read about seven parallel worlds and different races for each of them. Well… I got the races, that’s for sure.

The main character is a 19 year old girl who finds herself in a strange world, a prisoner of the beautiful Daevas, a race that resembles Tolkien’s elves. She doesn’t know why she is here, she doesn’t know if she is of any importance to them, and she misses her home dearly. When she meets Lord Idris, a fallen Daeva, she finally hopes for love and happiness, but things don’t go as planned. The story is very short, and the revelation at the end is quite rushed and it doesn’t give any explanations. I don’t know if the author intends to write another piece to continue this story, or if she might turn it into a series. What I do know is that it has a lot of potential. Like, A LOT.

We have a very interesting race – the Daevas – and some good world-building. While the world ruled by the Daevas has two red suns, it seems that the other ones are covered in darkness. I would have loved for all these seven worlds to be described in more detail. The writing style is smooth and descriptive, and it was easy for me to imagine everything the author described.

Unfortunately, this short story feels more like a sketch for a longer, more complex piece. Maybe it could have been turned into a novel, because there are lots of elements that are worth developing. I like the author’s writing style (you really can’t tell that she’s not a native English speaker), so I’m going to read her other short story – “I Met a Demon”. It seems that it is based on actual events, so it sounds more than promising.