Book Review: "The Emerald Tablet" by Joshua Silverman


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When I first laid my eyes on “The Emerald Tablet”, the first book in the “Legends of Amun Ra” series, I fell in love with the amazing cover and the mysteries it promised to reveal. Like so many other avid readers, I’ve always been fascinated by mythology, especially the Egyptian one, which I always thought was more complex and magical than the Greek and Roman ones. The world I discovered in “The Emerald Tablet” exceeded my expectations, for I was truly surprised to find out that this book is not just your average fantasy novel placed in Ancient Egypt, but a mixture of high fantasy, ancient myths and futuristic technology.


From the very first pages, king Ankar gives us a short “history” lesson that will help us orientate ourselves within Silverman’s magical world: now living on the Moon, a poor, deserted planet where he was exiled after the war he had lost on planet Potara, the king wants to regain his rights through his two daughters. Beautiful, cruel and well-trained, they are to infiltrate the Priests of Amun on Potara and start a war when the time comes.


The Priests of Amun have the power of controlling blue energy and their purpose is to protect Potara and train gifted apprentices to take their place. Meanwhile, on Earth, Leoros, a 13-year-old boy, has become tired of travelling with his mother, an ambitious archaeologist who’s determined to dig up all the world mysteries every archaeological site has to offer. When she discovers the Pillar of Hermes and the Emerald Tablet in Siwa, Egypt and gives them to her son for safe keeping, Leoros gets his chance of becoming one of the great heroes he’s been reading about. Just like Superman, Batman or Spiderman, he needs to save this new world he is transported to through the Pillar of Hermes – Potara. Here he will make friends, find a true father figure in Pythos, the great Priest of Amun, and discover what true love feels like when he meets Atlantia. Though a slave, this girl is the one who will truly believe in him and his power of saving them all.


If you are looking for a story about friendship and love, where the characters are trying to find out who they really are and what they have to do in order to become who they are meant to be, then “The Emerald Tablet” is the right book for you. A relaxing, light and pleasant read, this novel will surely keep you entertained on a Friday evening.


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