Book Review: "Nimpentoad" by Henry L. Herz


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HERE you can see some of the incredible illustrations!


This is a book any child would love to have on his bookshelf! And not only for the incredible pictures, but also for the exciting story and the fascinating characters. “Nimpentoad” is a real keeper, so I’d choose the paperback over the Kindle version anytime.


The thing that I loved most was the authors’ creativity with the different fantasy creatures, their names, habits, and personalities. The Niblings are the smallest creatures in the Grunwald Forest, and they have a big issue: all the other bigger and stronger creatures bully them. So, Nimpentoad, the bravest Nibling, suggests they should all cross the forest and go to Goofus, the giant, and ask him for protection in exchange for helping him clean his castle, cook his food and turn his pages when he’s reading. During their five-days trip they encounter many terrible creatures who want to either bully them or eat them. In each chapter kids will learn about goblins, neebels, orcs, giant scorpions, and trolls.


The book carries an important message regarding bullying: just because you are bigger and stronger doesn’t give you the right to pick on the smaller and weaker ones. Children will see that things don’t end well for those who bully the Niblings, and they will also have Goofus as a good example. The giant offers the Niblings his protection, which shows that the older kids should always protect the younger ones.


“Nimpentoad” is the perfect choice if you want your kid to love fantasy literature and read “Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” later.