Book Review: "daynight" by Megan Thomason

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“daynight” is one of those books I really wanted to read because everyone was talking about it, and it had so many rave reviews. I knew I would love it even before I opened it. And, anyway, dystopian is one of my favorite genres. There was no way I could go wrong with this one, and I didn’t. “daynight” is a gripping, fast-paced novel that combines the intricacies of science and technology with a sense of magic and surrealism. Megan Thomason has created a fascinating world on Thera, Earth’s twin planet, and complex and very well fleshed-out characters. Actually, this was the thing I most enjoyed in this novel: the characters (especially after struggling with a book that had plenty of action but no character development).


Kira is a young girl who is trying to run away from her past, not knowing that this is exactly what others intended for her. She is perfect in all ways (maybe a bit too perfect?). She’s beautiful, intelligent, curious and brave. There’s no wonder three guys would do anything to be with her: Tristan, Ethan and Blake. Tristan, her ex-boyfriend on Earth, is not very important and I hated him most of the time. My favorite was, obviously, Blake. I liked his personality and how he was so mature, calculated, and focused on his mission. I had huge issues with Ethan, because every time he opened his mouth he talked about Kira, and I was pretty sure guys just don’t talk that way about girls. Seriously. And most definitely not in front of their rivals, in this case, Blake. I know he was so romantic and everything, but not realistic. I also liked how the author chose to switch points of view in every chapter because that way I had the chance to see things through all the main characters’ eyes.


The thing that really bothered me about “daynight” was the whole “cleaving” business. I thought it was an interesting idea at first, and it made sense. Actually, it still makes sense. But, really, did the characters have to talk ONLY about this? It’s like these young adults are only thinking about sex, getting married and having children. They gave me the impression they were brain-washed. Maybe I could understand that with the Second Chancers, but Kira, Ethan and Blake are also obsessed with “cleaving”. It got really old at some point and I wanted them to get over it, stop thinking about jumping each other, and focus on more important things, like the Ten doing experiments on them.


Aside from these small issues I had with Ethan and “cleaving”, the book was a great read and I can’t wait for the next one in the series. Megan Thomason is a very talented and creative writer, of that you can be sure. The story flowed, and the world-building was fascinating, as well as the details about the “lights” and “darks”.