Mandala Magic – An Interactive Book for Children and Their Parents by Sara Deutsch


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This book is a great example of how parents and teachers can show their children and students how wonderful the world is by using simple, yet creative and effective techniques. By reading “Mandala Magic” and doing the activities the author suggests, children will not only learn about mandalas and how different cultures use them, but they will also understand their healing power and their unique ability to calm the nerves, enhance meditation, and bring peace to one’s soul and mind.

I believe the best thing about Sara Deutsch’s book is that it manages to teach children something so important in an enjoyable manner. In the first chapter, the author explains what a mandala is, and then gives examples of places where they can be found, as well as cultures that used them for different purposes. The readers are invited to look around them, in nature, and see that they are surrounded by amazing mandalas. They can be found in snowflakes, webs, flowers, fruits, shells, trees, and in so many other things that we often ignore. Actually, this is why this book is not only for children, but also for their parents: it encourages us all to take some time to truly look at the world around us and see how special it is. It can be a great read during the week-end, when parents can take their children for a picnic and read the book together trying to find mandalas in every flower, tree, or butterfly.

My favorite chapter was the one dedicated to the personal handwriting mandalas. I had no idea that a mandala could be created from handwritten initials, and now I’d like to try the technique suggested by the author and see what I get. I think it’s an interesting way of discovering yourself by combining your handwriting with your favorite colors and patterns. The result is unique and very personal.

The last chapter is full of activities that parents and children can do together. Starting with discovering what kind of mandala you are, then meditating using mandalas, and creating your own mandalas using all kinds of materials, all these exercises are fun, relaxing, and help you learn more about yourself. Working with mandalas regularly can only help parents and children gain peace and balance, and it also offers them a great opportunity to spend quality time together.