Book Review: I, Human (Book III) by Vito Veii


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The journey through space of Captain Marcus Magnusson and his fleet continues in the third book of the “I, Human” series. As expected, this third installment is yet another proof of the author’s creativity and originality. Vito Veii takes his readers to new planets, and introduces them to new, mind-blowing concepts, theories, and technologies. After leaving the planet Gigas, where Captain Marcus managed to find friends and allies, he heads to the planet Sapentia. His fleet is traveling to the edge of the solar system, and all the people on board are aware of the fact that they may never return home.

There are so many things I loved about this book. The worlds Vito Veii created on each planet are incredible, and I couldn’t have enough of the descriptions and details he gives about them. For instance, Sapentia is the planet of harmony, and it is ruled by love and wisdom. All inhabitants live in peace, and the fact that their technology is very advanced hasn’t affected them in the least. This is an interesting point considering that technological advances have always been associated with terrible outcomes, such as the desire for power and control. Of course, there are the Homo-superiors who want to destroy the Homo-sapiens because they believe inferior beings should not be allowed to live, but I loved how the author also created planets where the people don’t regard technological advances as a mark of superiority.

Some of the concepts presented in this book are amazing. The part where the different dimensions are explained is fascinating. For instance, I found the description of the seventh dimension very interesting. It seems that in the seventh dimension, space, time, gravity, light and velocity outside normal space are used to send travellers into the future. Captain Marcus himself is impressed by everything he learns from those he meets on his journey, and he records every bit of information that can help his planet evolve.

“I, Human III” is very fast-paced and action-driven. The Captain’s fleet gets in a space battle with aliens, and they manage to save the last survivor of a very old civilization. Meanwhile, the darkness Marcus and his android, Vlen, first saw in the first book keeps increasing, swallowing whole star systems in the process. This unknown threat might bring everyone together in an attempt to save the whole universe. After reading the third book, I can’t wait for the next one in the series.